President, Gopal Raja, founded Ideation, Inc., in 2000 as an independent consultant. Gopal Raja formed Ideation to take disruptive ideas, i.e., ideas that radically change and displace established ways of doing things, and turn them into realities. During the first eight years, the focus was on gaining and strengthening domain knowledge and applying technology to solve problems in horizontal markets. Consulting services included technology strategy analysis, business process re-engineering, software development, and data analytics.


During the next nine years, Ideation added clients, staff, and services and received prime contracts. New services included training development, training delivery, and hazard mitigation technical assistance. The process of ideation was used to assist clients in envisioning and implementing streamlined processes and innovative solutions.


Since 2017, Ideation has continued to grow organically and expand its capabilities by increasing clients, augmenting staff, and broadening services. Ideation has been expanding products in the areas of data analytics and distance learning.

2020 to present

Ideation has been focusing on applying improved processes and advanced technologies in the vertical markets we serve. We continue to expand products in the areas of data analytics; artificial intelligence/machine learning; automation; conversion of instructor led courses to distance learning courses; and developing distance learning training courses using web-based training, web-conference training, blended learning, and gamification.

Transforming Ideas Into Realities Through Technologies®