Anita Tipler

Senior Business Administrator
Anita Tipler
Quotation Mark

When making financial decisions on behalf of the company, I ask myself, “Would I do this if it was my own money?”

Anita Tipler
Senior Business Administrator

Growing up in Germany, Anita was interested in multiple languages and technical fields, and she also enjoyed interpersonal communication. She obtained a degree in Business Administration, which covered all aspects of human resources, financial administration, and general administration. Using this knowledge, she has held several roles as executive assistant to CEOs in engineering, software, and investment firms, where she honed skills in developing technical documentation and in administration.

Anita likes having a variety of different tasks, and her areas of expertise at Ideation include general business administration, financial administration, contracts administration, facilities administration, human resources, and executive assistance. While she appreciates technology, she still prefers to interact with people in person or by phone rather than through email. Anita is known for being very organized, getting tasks done ahead of schedule, and persistently looking for cost savings for both our company and for our clients.

Away from her bookshelves and file drawers, Anita pursues interests in architecture and construction by performing do-it-yourself remodeling. She takes pleasure in Japanese gardening, practicing the art of bonsai, and she creates miniature arrangements in terrariums. She also enjoys cooking, spending time with her grown children, and international travel.

Favorite color: I’ve always liked colors with a gray undertone. Right now my favorite color is grayish-blue.

Favorite item on your desk? My small, potted plants.

Most used item in your office? My whiteboard

Latest technology gadget: Alexa

iPhone or Android? iPhone. I’ve never tried an Android.

Coffee or tea? Only one cup of decaffeinated coffee first thing in the morning.

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