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Portrait of Bri Rodriguez
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I apply the scuba diving concept of streamlining to everything from business processes to personal life. If something is unnecessary or dragging you or your project down, eliminate it.

Bri Rodríguez

Principal Instructional Designer

Bri is a learning professional who designs authentic, task-based, and user-centered learning experiences that fit job requirements and changing work environments. Based on her early interests in international issues, law, and government, she obtained a degree in International Affairs from Xavier University. One of her first jobs after college was as a FEMA reservist, where she helped people recover after disasters. After two years as a reservist, she became the Regional External Affairs Officer for Region II in New York. Five years later, she transferred to FEMA Headquarters to work as a Public Affairs Specialist in charge of training and cadre management. Her additional responsibilities at FEMA included work as an exercise planner and evaluator, national security assignments, and disaster planning and response. For private consulting firms, she developed training programs; worked as a planner, controller, and evaluator for classified and unclassified exercises; and provided planning, training, and response advice in crisis communications. Bri has a Master’s Degree in Education, Curriculum and Instructional Design and Technology from George Mason University, and a certification as a Certified Emergency Manager (CEM).

At Ideation, Bri’s focus is on instructional systems design in the fields of emergency management and transportation. She has a passion for developing training that truly helps people build and apply skills as they learn. As a strategic thinker, she is able to hone in on what issues need to be addressed and in what order of priority. She is known for her skills in creative problem solving and her ideas for streamlining processes. Consistently thinking outside of the box, her goal is to develop creative solutions within the constraints of limited budgets and resources and within a changing and more mobile learning environment.

Outside of work, Bri enjoys reading and walking her dog. She likes to travel throughout the Caribbean with family and friends and enjoys driving to New York City to catch favorite shows, attend baseball games, and visit favorite restaurants.

Meet Bri

Favorite color:
Blue—any shade.

Favorite item on your desk?
My son’s baseball picture.

Most used item in your work space:
Mobile white board

Latest technology gadget:
My Kindle is an oldie but goodie. Nothing like a library at your fingertips.

iPhone or Android?

Coffee or tea?
Two cups of strong Puerto Rican coffee each day.

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