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Portrait of Deborah Zurielle
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My father used to tell me, “If you’re going to do something, do it right the first time.” I try to make sure I plot out a course, define steps to take, make sketches to envision the end goal, and get input and consensus from others before I start work.

Deborah Raja

Senior Vice President

Deborah (“Deb”) has always thrived on conquering challenges. She started putting together jigsaw puzzles when she was two years old, and at age 10, when her father was building their new house, she discovered an ability for reading blueprints and engineering plans. She also loved exploring and playing outdoors. Combining her passion to solve difficult problems and her desire to be a good steward of the earth’s resources, Deborah pursued studies in civil and environmental engineering. In addition to her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, she obtained a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Environmental Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. She has used her skills in problem-solving, logical thinking, and technical writing to gain expertise in engineering, business process analysis, data visualizations, regulatory compliance, and quality assurance/quality control.

At Ideation, Deborah combines her areas of expertise by conducting analyses and developing plans, processes, and procedures. She performs quality control reviews and audits of work products and financial and legal records to ensure they comply with requirements. Deborah is known for analytical thinking, attention to detail, and being fastidious about ethics. She is passionate about ensuring documentation is thorough, accurate, consistent, and defensible.

Away from the piles of paper in her office, Deborah likes interior design and decorating; enjoys light reading; tries not to like baking too much anymore; and likes spending time with her family and her dog, Pebbles.

Meet Deborah

Favorite color:
For the first half of my life it was purple, but it’s been blue—many shades—for many years.

Favorite item on your desk?
A coaster I bought in Colorado when visiting my son that says, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

Most used item in your work space:
My electric mug warmer, which is used throughout the day.

Latest technology gadget:
Just my iPhone and Bluetooth headset/ear phones.

iPhone or Android?
iPhone. I tried an Android temporarily but I really didn’t like it.

Coffee or tea?
I’ve never been a coffee drinker–only tea. I always have black tea in the morning and then I usually have green tea in the afternoon.

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