JoAnna Wagschal, PMP®, APR®
Director, Training Division

Portrait of JoAnna Wagschal, PMP®, APR®

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JoAnna Wagschal, PMP®, APR®
Director, Training Division

JoAnna (or “Jo”) has always been naturally organized with her time and enthusiastic about helping others achieve agreement. Growing up in Colorado, JoAnna came to appreciate the beauty and balance of the natural environment and the people that live in it. She was able to bring together her interests and skills with degrees in Natural Resources Management, Applied Communications, and Environmental Policy and Management. She uses her public relations skills in facilitation and outreach, and she is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who uses management skills in project management,  program management, and portfolio management. She combines all areas of her expertise by managing and directing Ideation’s training team, who develops training courses and training programs, delivers training, and develops outreach materials in environmental, emergency management, and transportation subjects.

JoAnna keeps abreast of the latest findings and developments in her fields with memberships in several associations focused on public relations, facilitation, and training development. She hones her training skills by delivering an instructor development course to technical leads and subject matter experts that are interested in becoming instructors. At Ideation, she is known for her compassion for others, her wise counsel, and her practice of going the extra mile for clients. Her current focus is on enhancing training by expanding interactive learning concepts, integrating flipped classroom techniques, and developing personalization and adaptive delivery techniques for courses.

She also enjoys spending time with her family (including Nico, her dog, and Shadow, her cat), gardening in her backyard, kayaking, boating on the Chesapeake, and vacationing with her family. She enjoys reading mystery novels and actively volunteers for river sweep cleanups and at town events.

Favorite color: It used to be green because it reminded me of outdoors. Now it’s purple. I like how it complements other colors yet stands apart.

Favorite item on your desk? My battery-operated mug warmer, which is in constant use.

Most used item in your office? I love using my height-adjustable desk.

Latest technology gadget: Video software gadgets and tools

iPhone or Android? Although I evaluated androids during my last upgrade, I stuck with iPhone.

Coffee or tea? Cappuccino in the morning and herbal tea in the afternoon.

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