The goals of our partnerships are to complete and strengthen the skills of a team, boost a team’s competitive edge, and contribute to teaming arrangements that are advantageous to clients.

Philosophy of Forming Partnerships

We form partnerships both as a prime contractor and as a subcontractor. Ideation views partnerships less as a hierarchy focused on authorities and more as a collective focused on roles and responsibilities. While working together, we hope that each party will influence the other for the better. We desire to focus on the client’s problems and collectively identify and implement a solution. To evaluate a partnership, we look for whether the combination of Ideation and a partner would provide a greater value to a customer. Greater value could mean expanding capabilities, offering improvements, lowering costs, or increasing efficiencies.

Examples of Partners

We have experienced valuable partnerships with individuals and companies that have offered either similar services or complementary services to our own. We partner with:

  • Individual consultants/subject matter experts
  • Architectural & Engineering (A&E) firms
  • Information Technology (IT) firms
  • Media production firms
  • Management consulting firms

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