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Transforming ideas into realities through technologies®

Ideation specializes in creative product design and development.

The ideation process is all about coming up with potential solutions for a problem.


About Ideation

As indicated by its name, Ideation, Inc., was founded based on the defining concept of the ideation process, which encompasses the conception of an idea, which leads to innovation, then to development, and finally to actualization. Our team loves to solve challenging problems, especially when solutions call for doing more with less. We use innovative, yet simple and practical, design-thinking principles and then apply suitable technology to find targeted solutions.

We apply our expertise in the fields of data science, software, and IoT engineering. Since 2000, Ideation has built a stellar reputation for their creative products and unparalleled services to civilian government agencies.


“Not everyone has the skill to understand your business, understand how to incorporate technology to solve the problem at hand, AND build a prototype to actually see the solution before investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. [Ideation, Inc.] does exactly this.”
—DHS client

We are an award-winning small business.

Small Business Award

Ideation received a Department of Homeland Security Small Business Award from FEMA for our outstanding work in support of the DHS mission during Fiscal Year 2019. This award was given for creative or unique solutions to DHS requirements; extraordinary customer service and/or significant value; productivity and efficiency gains; innovative ideas to a specific contract task; and cost, time, and manpower savings for the Department.