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Our leaders exemplify the core values and abilities that Ideation has been built upon.

Individuals in Ideation’s leadership positions have guided, influenced, and greatly contributed to the direction and success of the company. Get to know a little about our employees who lead by example.

Gopal Raja

President & CEO

Portrait of Deborah Zurielle

Deborah Raja

Senior Vice President

Portrait of David Coker

David Coker

Director, Technology Division

Portrait of JoAnna Wagschal, PMP®, APR®

JoAnna Wagschal

Director, Training Division

Portrait of Bri Rodriguez

Bri Rodriguez

Principal Instructional Designer

Headshot - Steve McMaster

Steve McMaster

Principal Mitigation Analyst

Anita Tipler

Anita Tipler

Senior Business Administrator

Transforming ideas into realities through technologies®