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Products & Services

We create custom solutions for complex problems.

We develop products and supply services related to business analytics and data analytics, automation, and software and IoT applications.

Analytics Solutions

One thing that we do really well is assisting our clients in meeting their missions and achieving their strategic goals using technology. We analyze business processes, technologies, and data and then develop actionable strategies to increase effectiveness, cost savings, and time efficiency. Our aim is to provide innovative yet pragmatic responses to challenges that result in effective and timely decision-making.

Illustration of Cog Wheels with a bar graph and line graph in the center

Data Analytics

Ideation’s goal is to use data science techniques to transform raw data into actionable information. We specialize in data analysis, data transformations, interactive data visualizations, and data synthesis, and we unearth data patterns to meet the complex needs of our customers.

“Ideation has exceeded mission requirements by demonstrating innovation in automat[ion]…to measure the equitable outcomes for underserved communities.”
—DHS client

Products & Services

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Chat bots
  • Advanced statistical and “big data” analysis dashboards and reports
  • Automated data extractions, transformation, and publishing flows
  • Automated data quality control and testing
  • Decision support predictive analytical tools
  • Embedded neural network models
  • Geospatial planning and decision-making tools

Business Analytics

Ideation provides assistance in eliciting both the big-picture vision of our clients’ objectives as well as the detailed requirements and processes. We analyze business processes, examine data management methods, and assess technologies. We specialize in providing analytical and advisement services to Federal, state, tribal, territorial and local agencies related to implementing hazard mitigation programs and strategies to promote better mitigation outcomes. By using optimal visualization, modeling, and mapping techniques, we help our clients envision solutions.

“…the contractor exercised several innovative and creative approaches to assist in the development of a better process.”
—DHS client

Products & Services

  • Process analysis and reports
  • Business requirements
  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Technology assessments
  • Risk analysis
  • Benefit-cost analysis

Technology Solutions

We enjoy the challenge of evaluating potential technology alternatives, recommending strategies, and implementing solutions. We specialize in design thinking and developing creative, cost-effective, and transformative software solutions for real-life problems. Our software products range from mission-critical applications for federal agencies to machine learning programs for IoT-based microcontrollers to custom data analytics software.

Illustration of a laptop and mobile phone with abstract code on the screen and a cloud above them with lines connecting

Software Development

Ideation offers full-stack Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support using Agile processes. We develop software using open standards and technologies for any platform and any device. The excellence of our designs stems from minimalistic approaches, visual appeal, and engaging user experiences.

“The Contractor provided a tool that exceeded the governments expectations. …the Contractor worked around all the issues and challenges by identifying potential solutions for the government. At the end of the day the Contractor proactively assisted the government in identifying the best solution possible to ensure the government received the highest quality tool possible.”
—DHS client

Products & Services

  • Technology strategies and recommendations
  • Responsive apps for mobile, Web, and desktop
  • Cloud-based Office 365 apps
  • eLearning apps
  • Updates to app code and related documentation
  • End user support

IoT Implementations

We design and build custom Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that encompass devices, connectivity, and advanced analytics. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, we model and predict future behavior.

“[The Internet of Risk Meters Platform] is a one-of-a-kind solution. It is extremely valuable to communities facing hazard risks and provides a cost-effective way to provide justification for obtaining federal grant funds.”
—County Program Manager

Products & Services

  • IoT edge hardware with built-in connectivity
  • IoT edge firmware and cloud software
  • Localized embedded artificial intelligence/machine learning models
  • Real-time firmware updates
  • End user data analytics portal
  • End user support

Transforming ideas into realities through technologies®