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One of Ideation’s important goals is for our employees to learn and build upon their strengths in the best possible work environment.

At Ideation, we strive to provide a collaborative, creative setting where each person feels encouraged to contribute to the company’s culture and strategy.


Ideation’s core strengths come from our people. Our people share the following set of attributes and aspirations that shape the atmosphere in which we work.

Problem-solving mindset

Ideation employees are a team of highly skilled and highly motivated problem solvers. We use design thinking to think broadly about what the real issues underlying a problem might be, and then we methodically ask “why?” questions to get at root causes. Using the process of ideation, we practice approaching challenges in imaginative ways, and we respond with innovative solutions.

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“Being able to manifest ideas into solutions through invention or innovation was what I always wanted to do, and at Ideation we do just that. There is a thrill behind the discovery of a solution, and solving problems yields a better understanding of the world around me.”
—Ideation Systems Engineer

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Persistent learning

Ideation is a vibrant learning organization that continually transforms itself. Our culture is one that encourages critical thinking, nurtures new ideas, and practices experimentation. By advocating employees’ learning, we continue to enhance our capabilities and expand our capacities to create.

“Since my first day on the job, I have been learning new things and developing a variety of skill sets. Ideation believes in the potential of its staff and invests in them to grow and learn. I am thankful that Ideation has helped to transform me into a more competent individual.”
—Ideation Software Developer

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High standards for quality

Ideation consistently upholds elevated standards for our people, our products, and our customer service. Since our inception, we have maintained a reputation for superior levels of quality. Our commitment to quality starts from the top, with those in leadership setting examples. Our staff members diligently adhere to quality control processes throughout the duration of each task.

“Quality and innovation are essential parts of Ideation’s culture. I can see it in our collaboration among departments, close work with client representatives and subject matter experts, and stringent quality control system. It is exciting to be a part of an organization that is always searching for new and better ways to meet its clients’ needs.”
—Ideation Designer

Balance and satisfaction

The vision for our vocations and their place in our lives is for our people to work with a sense of purpose. As part of the core identity of our company, we want to help one another find meaning, contentment, fulfillment, and peace. We nurture one another’s passion to excel, and each employee is valued for their contributions.

“The company culture focuses on helping employees achieve a work-life balance that serves the employee as well as the organization. Ideation worked with me to create a flexible schedule so that I could fulfill my family responsibilities and reduce time spent in commuting. Ideation is a positive, supportive place to work.”
—Ideation Director

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Join Our Team

People who proactively tackle problem-solving, who enjoy creative thinking, and who readily apply the latest technologies are a perfect fit at Ideation. We look to add people with backgrounds in business process analysis, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software development to our team. Look over our core values and culture to see if they appeal to you.

Work with us

If you possess excellent analytical problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and written communication skills, consider exploring a career at Ideation. Please contact us or submit a resume and cover letter to so we can see if there’s a fit.


Our employees’ time and efforts are valued. Our commitment to our employees’ success is enhanced by our competitive compensation and an extensive benefits package:

  • Fair and competitive salary
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid time off
  • Performance bonuses
  • Flexibility to work from home part time
  • Top tier health benefits
    (medical, dental, vision, short-term, and long-term disability, and life insurance)
  • 401(k) matching retirement plan
  • Profit-sharing pension plan
  • Monthly allowances for mobile phone and internet
  • Monthly allowance for health and wellness
  • Free access to gym at office location

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