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In business and in life, I try to follow the standard of ‘Do unto others as you would want done to you.’

Gopal Raja

President and CEO

Gopal, known to everyone as “Raj,” grew up in India. He found a passion at an early age for creative problem solving, automation, and product improvement. As a child, he used to find materials to create board games and toys. In his teens, he developed an interest in the field of advertising and in visually depicting the benefits of products. Raj received a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, and he received a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Computer-Aided Engineering Planning and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. He quickly transitioned into software engineering and then to managing projects and directing teams, serving in leadership roles such as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Software Engineering. He became adept at identifying real-life business problems and implementing technology to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Raj tied together his affinities for analysis, problem-solving, design, and innovation when he established Ideation, Inc., in 2000 to provide streamlined, innovative solutions to federal government agencies in the areas of business process analysis, data science, and technology. Raj founded Ideation to take disruptive ideas, i.e., ideas that radically change and displace established ways of doing things, and turn them into realities. Using his creative thinking and problem-solving skills, he excels at product designs and visualizations. Raj is actively involved in managing the technology vision of the company and generating ideas for new products and services. At Ideation, he is known for innovative but practical product design, his positive relationships with clients, and his loud laugh. Raj’s current interests are data science, design patterns, machine learning, and automation.

When he is not ideating and problem-solving at Ideation, Raj enjoys travelling both domestically and internationally, spending time with his family, and rooting for India’s cricket team. Always in pursuit of his ikigai, he engrosses himself with researching the latest technological developments and reading about how the human brain functions.

Meet Gopal

Favorite color:
It used to be yellow because it was so bright. But now it’s blue. Blue makes me feel relaxed and peaceful.

Favorite coding language to date:

Favorite item on your desk?
Drafting board/table

Most used item in your work space:
Both my over-sized graph paper and my large white board.

Latest technology gadget:
reMarkable digital notepad

iPhone or Android?
After two unsatisfactory Androids, I’m back to iPhone.

Coffee or tea?
Double shot of ristretto (with one ice cube so I can drink it fast).

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