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Portrait Gopal "Raj" Raja
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In business and in life, I try to follow the standard of “Do unto others as you would want done to you.”

Gopal Raja

President and CEO

Gopal Raja, referred to as “Raj,” is a native of India who grew up having an innate knack for creative problem-solving, automation, and product enhancement. His early love for innovation manifested in childhood when he crafted semi-automated toys from everyday household materials. As a teenager, he discovered an affinity for the advertising field, particularly for harnessing creativity to design persuasive visuals that underscored product advantages.

Raj received a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, and he subsequently received a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, with an emphasis on Computer-Aided Engineering Planning and Management. Early in his professional journey, Raj found his true calling in devising revolutionary problem-solving strategies and in designing and implementing cost-effective technological solutions using data science and “no-code” or “low-code” software automation.

Raj’s adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) dates back to 1993. Since then, he has consistently leveraged AI to address practical problems. One of his early achievements was developing a peer-reviewed artificial neural network (ANN) model for multivariate nonlinear regression analysis to predict future groundwater conditions at a federal nuclear waste superfund site. Another achievement was to implement an AI/machine learning (ML) model for a licensed commodity stock brokerage and investment firm, which enabled accurate predictions of subsequent day closing values of various commodity derivatives listed by the Chicago Board of Trade. Beyond his technical prowess in data analytics and software engineering, Raj has also displayed strong leadership skills, having managed projects and led teams in roles such as Chief Technology Officer and Director of Software Engineering.

In 2000, Raj founded Ideation, Inc., an endeavor that blends his passions for analysis, problem-solving, design, automation, and innovation. The company aims to take disruptive ideas—those that radically change and displace traditional ways of doing things—and bring them to fruition. Raj’s contributions span from overseeing the technological vision of the company to brainstorming novel products and services. He is recognized for his practical yet innovative product designs, excellent client relationships, and infectious laughter. Raj’s current interests lie in generative AI, applied data science, design patterns, machine learning, and automation.

Away from the bustle of Ideation, Raj enjoys domestic and international travels, cherishes time with his family, and passionately supports India’s cricket team. Continuously seeking his ikigai, he passionately researches the latest technological advancements and reads about the intricacies of human brain functioning.

Meet Gopal

Favorite color:
It used to be yellow because it was so bright. But now it’s blue. Blue makes me feel relaxed and peaceful.

Favorite coding language to date:

Favorite item on your desk?
Drafting board/table

Most used item in your work space:
Both my over-sized graph paper and my large white board.

Latest technology gadget:
reMarkable digital notepad

iPhone or Android?
After two unsatisfactory Androids, I’m back to iPhone.

Coffee or tea?
Double shot of ristretto (with one ice cube so I can drink it fast).

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